College Accommodations

You’re leaving high school and heading off to college. Fantastic! For those who have been blessed with accommodations and are worried about what you’ll do in college without them, there may be some trepidation tagging along with your excitement. Well, worry not. There’s good news! Many colleges and universities do have accommodations available. Because they …

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teens on phones

Social Media: Teenage Fears Quick Look

It’s probably no surprise that social media is altering the way teens are viewing life. I would bet that’s partly because if you yourself have used social media, you’ve seen how it has altered you. Its affect on fear in particular is quite fascinating, and worth looking into if you haven’t. Here, though, for those …

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Children Friendly Podcasts

Back when radio first came out, parents were concerned about how much time their kids spent listening to it. Today, we have the same core struggle with “screen time”. Things haven’t changed that much, I suppose. Though science and personal observations have repeatedly revealed both benefits and detriments to exposure and use of “screens”, radio …

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