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Back when radio first came out, parents were concerned about how much time their kids spent listening to it. Today, we have the same core struggle with “screen time”. Things haven’t changed that much, I suppose.

Though science and personal observations have repeatedly revealed both benefits and detriments to exposure and use of “screens”, radio was originally considered to be quite positive. Two of the main benefits were that by having your child listen to the radio, they would stimulate their imagination, and hear language properly enunciated by some of the best, clearest, and most grammatically correct in the business.

Obviously, what we put out on the radio these days isn’t exactly the same as back when Paul Harvey blessed our ears. Thankfully, though, there are always those determined to bring quality programs to our youth, and podcasts, which are increasingly on the rise in use, are no exception.

Even better, though, since finding podcasts can be quite a hassle, Leela Kids is helping you quickly find, sort, and listen to child-appropriate content. Obviously, you’ll still need to use your own discretion as what you deem appropriate based on your beliefs, but hopefully this is an amazing new resource for you and your family.

Head over to their site, get the app, and happy listening. https://leelalabs.com

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