stealth dyslexia

Stealth Dyslexia

Dyslexia is a pretty nuanced topic when you dig deeper into symptoms, strengths, weaknesses, and the like. For instance, “stealth dyslexia” is a term used for those who have solid reading comprehension, yet are far behind peers in spelling and other areas dyslexics are known to struggle. There was much debate about whether they should

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language is definition document

Language And Speech, What’s The Difference?

If you’d have asked me this, I would understand there’s a difference, but could I have given a great breakdown of either? Not-so-much. “We often find that failing to understand the difference between language and speech is a barrier to understanding ‘#devlangdis‘.” – Karla McGregor True enough. So, to help with this, radld.org put together

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College Accommodations

You’re leaving high school and heading off to college. Fantastic! For those who have been blessed with accommodations and are worried about what you’ll do in college without them, there may be some trepidation tagging along with your excitement. Well, worry not. There’s good news! Many colleges and universities do have accommodations available. Because they

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