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What can we say about Nessy? Having had the honor and pleasure of meeting them personally, we can say they’re creative, fun, engaging, smart, educated, and so down-to-earth. Much of that same enthusiasm and compassion comes through in their social media and software, and it’s great to know that’s all an extension of them, not a “front” to sell products.

If you’re not aware of Nessy, they’re, in a nutshell, a company that’s been making educational software since the 90s, intending to help those who learn differently. They offer all kinds of support, and Mike, one of the primary driving forces and founder, has a pretty amazing heart and story.

You’ll find resources and programs for dyslexia training, screening, typing, reading and spelling, and so much more. It won’t take long to see just how clever they are. And speaking of, one of the most endearing things when we met them, was that they were so supportive of what we wanted to do with our apparel, and offered on-the-spot ideas. Good, engaging, creative ideas companies would usually charge or keep close-to-the vest, yet they were sharing and encouraging us to run with them.

How cool is that?

So what are you waiting for? Get over to and find amazing resources for those in your life who have dyslexia, or who just need a little different approach to learning and engaging.

CREDIT: image from Nessy’s website.

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