We offer LIVE shipping rates. Not flat rate fees where we make money off you.  Not “Free shipping” which usually means, “We upped the cost of the product to cover the cost of shipping.” Just live, unaltered, best-price-and-shipping-option-available-the-moment-you-purchase-something, rates. 

Fast. Transparent. Great for you.


Estimated shipping delivery times: (once item is produced and packed)

  • USA: 3-5 business days



  • Rates vary depending on location and order size/quantity.
  • All rates are “live” rates, which are the best possible rates at the time of your order. We add nothing to the cost to help you keep as much of your hard earned money as possible. Feel free to take those savings and grab another shirt. Or 10…

Order never arrived:

  • If your order didn’t end up arriving, be sure to let us know!
  • First check your shipping confirmation and check that you had entered the correct address. If the address was incorrect, though we’d be happy to send you another order to the correct address, please note it will have to be at your cost.
  • If the shipping address was correct, get in touch with us at, noting your order number.

For non-U.S. orders, we’ve teamed with Inktale. You’ll have to look at their shipping and production times and options (which are actually very similar to ours in many ways) for more details. Head to

For our non-U.S. site to make purchases, head to

We’re currently working on a solution for non-U.S. customers that would allow us to sell directly from here, too. We want you to get products faster and less expensive than if we ship from the U.S.. Unfortunately, that requires us knowing a bit more about VAT and customs and a few other things, so thanks for your understanding.