Returns And Exchanges Policy

Returns? Say it ain’t so!


If your order was lost, damaged, defective, the wrong color, misprinted, not the size ordered, or came with a crazy goaticorn (goat unicorn) named Fred who ate all your dessert, you have 16 DAYS to notify us at For anything after 16 days, we will do our best to make it right, but there may be an additional cost. (Especially if Fred’s involved.)*


If you’re unhappy with the size, first check that the size stated on the garment matches the size stated on your order. If we sent you the wrong size, we’ll make it right ASAP.

If you’re unhappy with the size but it is the size you ordered, we’re bummed with you, but here’s the thing. Apparel and body types differ, which we understand. We also know this is probably not the first time you’ve bought something to wear, so even if you haven’t worn one of these brands, you have a general idea of how sizing can fluctuate from style to style, brand to brand, and what to look for to make sure something fits you well.  We do our best to help you make the right decision, providing sizing charts, images of models, and even suggestions and breakdowns.

With that being the case, if you don’t like how it fits but it is what you ordered, or if you decide you don’t like it for some other reason, or wish you’d gotten another color, we are discouraged that happened, but all sales are final in those situations. Maybe you can donate or gift it because you still believe in the cause?

We know, we’re cold, heartless monsters. At least we still have Fred. Fred? Oh no. Has anyone seen Fred?


If something wasn’t mentioned above, contact us at

*Fred is fictional. If you really did receive a crazy goaticorn, it’s not our fault. Please seek help from a trained goaticorn specialist.