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Husband & Wife Team

The best kind of team, if we do say so ourselves.


She’s a dyslexia tutor who wanted to educate the world on dyslexia. She saw that advocacy shirts are often like opening a pack of Oreo’s, only to discover your milk is spoiled. Tragically bad!


He’s a designer and artist who was upset that wifey was upset. He really likes Oreo’s, too. I mean, dyslexia advocacy.


They looked into companies that donate a “portion of the proceeds” and learned “portion” often means “bupkis”. Tragically bad again!


In working with schools, Hubby saw that school spirit wear was also bad. (There’s a lot of badness going around, people.)


They both hate wearing shirts that aren’t soft. (Small, but important to note!)


They created GIVE 33 to support great causes and schools — financially and with intentional, modern designs — via super soft apparel.


Get it. Give it. Wear it. Share it. Help us make a difference!

If you would like a longer, more thorough understanding of who we are and what we do, please do keep reading. Thanks for taking a moment to get to know us!


Ever had a cause you wanted to support and bring awareness to, but much of the paraphernalia associated with it was, shall we say, underwhelming? Or worse, it wasn’t even accurate information?

Ever wanted to show some school pride but your school colors and an athletic-based design wasn’t quite right for the event? Or maybe you’re not an athlete, or perhaps your school colors aren’t the most flattering, or you just want to show pride with a design that’s more your style, what do you do?  

Ever look into things you’ve purchased that claim “a portion of the proceeds go to support XYZ” and discovered that portion is, well, pretty pathetic?

If you’ve found yourself asking these same things, you’re in the right place.

OUR STORY (the long version)

hubby and wifey

We’re a husband and wife team who have some passions that came together like social media and complainers. (Only without the complaining. And the non-stop barrage of information. Whatever. You get the point!)

Wifey is a dyslexia tutor who wants to help students with dyslexia (estimated to be one in five people), and was frustrated when all the dyslexia-based apparel she could find was either poorly designed, for an organization directly, or, even worse, crude and actually promoting misnomers about dyslexia. 

Hubby is the designer and owner of Mural Champs, which does athletic and facility graphics among other things, but he started out in screen printing. So, what are two industrious people to do when they have a passion and been blessed by God with talent and knowledge that allows them to chase that passion? 

They start GIVE 33. 

(Bet you didn’t see that coming…)

As you may or may not know, we dove into facility graphics (see our Mural Champs site) when we noticed that those without big budgets rarely had the resources to get amazing graphics. Similarly, many great causes are often underfunded and consequently unable to create quality, slick-looking goods. Like it or not, aesthetic appeal is a genuine hurdle to awareness at times. 

Additionally, many schools face similar challenges if they’re not private or collegiate level. Much of their graphics are “custom” only in that their logo and colors are added. This same problem is apparent in what schools can offer for spirit apparel. It’s almost always a templated, generic design, and frequently athletic based. There’s nothing really unique, and they don’t match current design trends. For day-to-day wearing or non-athletic events, or if you’re heading out to hang with friends, those shirts rarely seem appropriate. And if you’re not an athlete, or want a different color pallet, you have essentially zero options. 

Our passion for better advocacy apparel and better designs were nearly motivation enough for us. When we learned that the portion of money that gets donated from something we purchase usually ends up being cents on the dollar, though? We had all the fuel we needed to make GIVE 33 a reality. 


We want to help create great looking apparel that supports (in awareness AND in donations) great causes, messages, and even your school. Quality products, custom creations, and 33% of all proceeds going directly to what you want to support. Plain and simple.

All of our advocacy shirts are designed to be provoking and purposeful in content, without making the point obvious. We want people to ask, “What does that mean?” Then, you can take it from there and help bring educated awareness to something you’re passionate about. That new awareness will hopefully lead to additional support and resources. 

All of our school apparel is intentionally non-traditional. Show your school spirit in creative, unique ways inline with today’s latest trends. Rock a style you’re comfortable with and still rep your school, all the while contributing financially to needs and projects right there in your school community. 

There’s one more thing, though, that’s super important to us. It has to FEEL amazing, too. We’ve all gotten school, VBS, mission trip or some fundraising apparel that we liked the message of but the shirt itself was uncomfortable and really, downright unfun to wear. It’s the last thing you’d grab when you’re heading out in normal settings. But soft shirts? They might be better than fresh cookies… 


Either way, sharp, intentional designs and incredibly comfortable apparel incentivise you to get your advocacy on and show your spirit, no matter where you’re going or what you’re doing. And knowing that 33% of the proceeds go directly to what you care about is like having that package you’ve been checking the tracking info on every single day arrive early.  Instant smiles! 

Give 33. It’s a win for everyone.


Want a shirt that goes toward your dyslexia chapter?

Have an idea for a shirt that would support other disability causes?

Would you like your school to have modern school spirit apparel options?

Let’s do this together.