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Every time I get an email from, I am overwhelmed with the urge to drop everything and read their latest posting. I’d love to simply repost many of their articles in whole, but they do a lot of hard work and deserve your eyes, clicks, subscriptions, and attention in full. If you haven’t checked them out, do yourself a favor and go now.

Aside from their great dyslexia content, they’re always posting and researching the latest trends, habits, issues, and studies that affect our kids. They discuss anxiety, disorders, behavior issues, and so much more. They bring awareness, education, suggestions, help, tips, and if nothing else, starting places for you to begin your own research and information gathering.

Much like Focus On The Family, resources like this become vital in our efforts to be great parents, supporters, and advocates for our children.

As usual, we strongly urge you to use discretion when reading, believing, and implementing information you find from any one source. Hopefully, though, what you find here will be helpful to you and your family.

Go now!

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