ADHD – An Honest Look

It’s been a while since I’ve read an article that created such a complex combination of emotions in me. Hope and despair. Joy and anger. Sympathy and frustration. This one did it all.

It’s also been a while since I’ve read an article that tackled such a complex topic with this much depth and no seemingly apparent agenda or opinion to push. It’s honest, raw, heartbreaking and hope-building. It helps explain and break down many of the variables that contribute to what is a very, very difficult topic. It does not accuse, but seeks to understand each side’s perspective. This is, perhaps, the part I appreciate the most, that even though some of the actions may rile your heart up, the author insisted on reminding us the people who may be making decisions we passionately disagree with are still human. They are still caring, still acting on what they believe to be true. It does not seek to justify or excuse anyone, it points out how many of the systems we’ve put in place may in fact be creating a nightmare result rather than the positive change we’d hoped for. But it never devolves into hate, or emotion, it just keeps examining facts, options, research, opinions, and results.

If ADHD or ADD in any way, shape, or form is in your or someone you know’s life, I urge you to read this. Perhaps you’ve heard it. Perhaps you know it better than this article breaks it down, Or perhaps you’ll be like me, knowing some, but missing many of the pieces, fascinated by the discussion, and better equipped because of it. Emotionally, mentally, and with actionable steps you can now take.

Thank you Ryan D’Agostino , for writing this. And thank you Esquire for publishing it.

Link – The Drugging Of The American Boy

CREDIT: Image by SplitShire from Pixabay

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