31 Myths About Dyslexia

For Dyslexia Awareness, Month Dr. Gaab had posted a new myth about dyslexia each and every day. We posted the first five here, and then she opted to consolidate them all into one convenient location. So, here are all 31 myths. It’s really educational, informative, and best of all, resource filled. She posts with links and references to studies so you can see where the information is coming from and vet it yourself, rather than simply repeating information from someone who sounds knowledgeable, but may be bias or misinformed. (Not that Dr. Gaab is, I’m just referencing how on the internet, misinformation from “specialists” gets passed around frequently, even if it’s completely false.)

Happy reading!

LINK: https://www.gaablab.com/dyslexia-myths

CREDIT: Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

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